Reservation and Ordering Policies:

When making reservations or placing orders at Nando’s restaurants, customers are expected to adhere to certain guidelines. This includes providing accurate information, respecting reservation times, and understanding cancellation policies. Failure to comply with these terms may result in forfeiture of reservation rights or cancellation fees.


Payment Terms:

Nando’s specifies its payment terms to ensure smooth transactions for both dine-in and online orders. Customers are typically required to settle bills promptly, either through cash, card, or other approved payment methods. Additionally, any discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs may have specific terms associated with them.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance:

Maintaining high standards of food safety and quality is paramount at Nando’s. The company outlines its commitment to sourcing fresh ingredients, adhering to strict hygiene practices, and complying with relevant health regulations. Customers can expect transparency regarding allergen information and nutritional content of menu items.

Privacy and Data Protection:

Respecting customer privacy and safeguarding personal data is a priority for Nando’s. The company outlines its privacy policy, detailing how customer information is collected, used, and protected. This includes consent mechanisms for marketing communications and adherence to data protection laws.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Nando’s brand identity, including logos, trademarks, and promotional materials, are protected by intellectual property laws. Customers and partners are expected to respect these rights and refrain from unauthorized use or reproduction of Nando’s intellectual property.

Dispute Resolution and Legal Jurisdiction:

In the event of disputes or conflicts, Nando’s terms and conditions may stipulate procedures for resolution, including arbitration or mediation. Additionally, the jurisdiction governing these terms is typically specified, providing clarity on applicable laws and regulations.


Nando’s terms and conditions serve as a framework for maintaining transparency, accountability, and consistency across its operations. By understanding and adhering to these policies, customers can enjoy a seamless dining experience while ensuring mutual respect and compliance with Nando’s standards.