Nando’s Kid Menu

Nando’s Kid Menu

If you are looking for delicious and healthy food options for your picky eaters, you have come to the right place.Yes, welcome to the Nando’s kids menu UK. Here you can find the mouthwatering and healthy choices especially designed to satisfy the taste buds of your little ones. Nando’s focus is to provide the nutritious meal that caters the specific tastes and portion sizes of your kids. This will also help to accommodate parents who want their kids to have salubrious meals. So try out the tempting dishes today to make your mealtime more enjoyable. Kids these days are extremely fussy eaters and they require a special menu that accommodates their taste preferences and dietary needs. Nando’s kid’s menu UK offers popular dishes and includes options that are more appealing to children such as burgers, fries, rice, strawberry gelato, corn on the cob and many more. Moreover, having a kids’ menu is not only about the food choices but also to create a fun dining experience for the little ones.The menu offers an engaging environment with enjoyable activities for kids, for instance, coloring sheets and toys. This reassures kids to have a good time while eating, making it more convenient for families. Also, kid’s friendly food menu helps parents to order the food quickly as they don’t have to be stressed about their kids not finding the food items they like on the regular menu.The menu will also help them to scan through the prices easily and they won’t have to go through all the menu in search of what their kid would like to eat. Creating a kid-friendly menu is really important for any restaurant to increase the customer base with kids. By providing a space that is welcoming to children, Nando’s is creating a pleasant meal time for the entire family.From designing a playful ambiance to offering a menu tailored to children's tastes, Nando’s kids menu UK is the best menu that caters the needs and preferences of young diners.

Main items on the Nando’s Kids Menu

Nando’s proposes a vast variety of tempting meals that your kids will love to eat. Here are some of the popular selections on the menu: Chicken wings: Chicken wings have been loved by kids for a long time. At Nando’s, chicken wings are available in different ranges of peri-peri sauces from mild to medium and medium to hot, also they have plain wings with light spices. Kids can choose their menu according to their liking. Chicken burger: The chicken burger is very popular among the kids. It is made with grilled chicken breast infused with peri-peri and served with brioche burger bun. It also has lemon & herbs mayo, lettuce, tomato and peri-ketchup, one of the nutritious burgers for kids. Beanie patty: Nando’s offers beanie patty for vegetable lovers. It is made with chickpeas, lentils, sweet corn, peas, pumpkin seeds and the most loved cheddar cheese. If your little one is vegetarian, go for beanie patty. Chicken breast: Peri-Peri chicken breast is served as well and liked by most kids. It is also available with different level of spiciness from mild to high. Veggie Burger: For vegetarian kids, Nando’s offers a flavorful veggie burger made with a quinoa and mixed vegetable patty, served on a bun with lettuce and tomato. It’s a healthy and tasty option that kids will like.

Nando's Sides Menu

Nando’s sides for kids

Chips: Chips are popular among kids of all ages. Nando’s kids menu UK includes crispy and delicious chips that can be selected with any main course, to make the meal perfect. Grilled corn on the cob: Grilled corn is a healthy side dish. The sweetness and crunch that comes from the sweet corn complimented by a bit of Smokey char, is a healthy pick by the parents who want their kids to eat nutritious food. Spicy rice: One of the side dishes that children love the most is spicy rice. This is a milder version of Nando’s signature peri-peri rice and is perfect for kids who don’t like spicy food, usually served with beanie patty and peri-peri chicken breast. Long stem broccoli: Nando’s offers long stem broccoli served in garlic and lemon oil. Kids enjoy this healthy vegetable as side with burgers. Dessert or drink: For desserts and drinks, Nando’s offers a wide range like fruity flavored creamy frozen yoghurt, refreshing apple juice, and pineapple & mango smoothies. One of the best ways to satisfy the sweet cravings after savory meals.

Gluten-free and vegetarian options available at Nando’s

To accommodate the nutritional requirements and preferences of their customers, Nando’s Kids Menu UK offers a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options. Gluten-Free Options: Nando’s proposes a range of gluten-free options that includes grilled chicken breast, grilled chicken wings, and garlic bread. They also have gluten-free sides, such as corn on the cob, chargrilled vegetables, and mixed leaf salad. Also, their peri-peri sauces are gluten-free, excluding the peri-tamer sauce. Vegetarian Options: Nando’s Kids Menu UK offers several vegetarian options, including the veggie burger, which is prepared with a quinoa and mixed vegetable patty. They also have quite a few vegetarian sides, including mixed leaf salad, chargrilled vegetables, and corn on the cob.

Fun Activities Available for Kids

Nando’s kids Menu not only gives a diffusion of scrumptious and nutritious meals but also provides fun activities to keep the kids entertained while they dine in. Some of these activities are stated here below: Activity Sheets: Nando’s offers a few activity sheets that consist of fun games, puzzles, and coloring games. These sheets come with crayons and are designed to hold the kids entertained while they look forward to their food. Children Meal boxes: Nando’s kids Menu gives meal boxes that are designed in particular for kids. These boxes include a selected meal such as a side dish, a dessert, and a drink, all served in a colorful box. Nandinos club: Nando’s has a loyalty club for children known as Nandinos membership. Participants of the club get a welcome package, including stickers, a membership card, and an interesting book. Members can also earn rewards, consisting of a free children meal, by gathering stamps on their club card. Face masks: Face masks are also offered to children that they can put on whilst they dine. These masks are available in a variety of designs such as a chicken, a tomato, or a pepper, to make dining at Nando’s an entertaining experience. Birthday events: Nando’s encourages children to celebrate birthday events for kids as a dedicated area is available for such parties.


Nando's UK makes sure to bring out the best meals according to their customers' choice and nutritional needs. They have listed the allergy and dietary information of each product available on their menu, making it the best restaurant in the town. Overall Nando's UK offers a great menu for families with children. So, just check into the budget friendly menu of Nando's UK for your fussy eaters where they will find a wide range of their favourite meals.

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