Nando’s Most Popular Items

Nando's Most Popular Items

Nando's Most Popular Dishes shows a pleasant blend of flavors that attracts the customers, from tender flame-grilled peri-peri chicken to a tempting selection of sides. It’s the famous South African-propelled Portuguese-style chicken eatery, has acquired worldwide recognition for its heavenly exhibit of dishes. Nando's menu caters to diverse preferences, whether you're drawn to bold, fiery options or prefer milder, refined pleasures. This versatility makes it a prime destination for a delightful and flavorful dining experience. The Nando’s menu is a range of lively flavors and fresh ingredients that is enough to satisfy your taste buds. The famous peri-peri chicken, grilled to perfection and coated in a unique peri-peri marinade, is the most popular item of their menu. The mouthwatering seafood mix and flavorful broth of the Cataplana, a Portuguese-inspired seafood dish, will fulfill your seafood cravings. When it comes to burgers and wraps, Nando's menu is a delight for those who love burgers and wraps. The wrap offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors, with savory chicken perfected by the fresh lettuce and caesar dressing. Also, Try the Sunset Burger or the Classic Burger, which each has a different combination of flavors and textures.


Nando’s UK Most Popular Dishes

Debuting in the UK back in 1992, Nando's swiftly emerged as a favored spot for those seeking a laid-back dining encounter centered around flavorful, zesty chicken. At the heart of its menu lies the renowned peri-peri chicken, infused with a tangy sauce crafted from the African bird’s eye chili pepper. Customers can tailor their spice preference, ranging from mild to extra hot. Aside from their famed peri-peri chicken, Nando's UK offers an array of accompaniments such as fries, rice, and coleslaw, alongside a selection of salads, burgers, and wraps. The brand is celebrated for its relaxed ambiance, vibrant interior design, and amiable staff, fostering a welcoming environment for diners. Garlic Bread: The best garlic bread is made of fresh herbs, tons of flavorful garlic and perfectly toasted thin slices of bread. It is delicious bread that never disappoints people, Nando's Garlic Bread is high in nutrients. Slices of toasted bread are liberally embellished with garlicky margarine, making a fragrant and flavorsome treat that adds to any Nando's eating experience. While frequently thought to be a modest side dish, Nando's Garlic Bread plays a huge part in lifting the general eating experience. For diners at Nando's, the Garlic Bread addresses something beyond a side, a sign of approval for the respected flavors that unite individuals. Nando's Garlic Bread brings exemplary comfort, whether savored as an appetizer before the main course or shared as a communal pleasure among friends. It complements the menu's bold and dynamic flavors with its own comforting touch. Peri-Peri Chips: The central ingredient of peri peri cuisine is the Peri-Peri chilli, also known as the African bird’s eye chilli. No Nando's feast is considered finished without an order of their renowned Peri-Peri Chips. These thick-cut fries are perfectly prepared with Nando's unique peri zest, offering a fiery and tasty backup to your picked main course. Grilled Chicken Burger: An irresistible burger with a Nando's twist, the Grilled Chicken Burger is a lavish and satisfying feast. A delicious barbecued chicken patty is supplemented by lettuce, tomato, onion, and a creamy peri mayo, all encased in a delicate sesame seed bun. The Grilled Chicken Burger at Nando's is considered as a famous contribution, skilfully handled with the undeniable bit of Nando's style. This burger offers a medley of flavors, showcasing a delightful Grilled chicken patty paired with fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, finely sliced onion, and a touch of signature peri-peri mayo. It's a satisfying dinner option that pays homage to the beloved tradition of burgers. Each element contributes to its generous and fulfilling appeal, celebrating the essence of a classic burger. Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle: To add a Middle Eastern charm, Nando's Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle is a flavorful choice. Smooth Houmous enhanced with a drip of their unique Peri-Peri sauce, brings out the great mix of flavorful and fiery notes. For those looking for a Middle Eastern dish, Nando's Houmous with Peri-Peri drizzle remains as more than a dish; it is a combination on a plate, welcoming diners to relish the most ideal picture with each enjoyable bite. Perinaise: Perinaise is made with Nando's popular Peri-Peri sauce blended with creamy mayonnaise. The creaminess of mayonnaise and the spiciness of Peri-Peri sauce brings out the best tingly taste perfection. No Nando's eating experience is really finished without a rich drizzle of their incredible Perinaise. The Fino Pitta: The toasted Fino pitta with two fire barbecued Peri-Peri chicken thighs, barbecued halloumi cheddar, caramelized red onion relish, rich wild garlic aioli and lettuce, is the mouthwatering option that you will never want to surrender. Nando’s signature Fino dressing adds a delight to it. The core of this culinary creation is the main ingredient; grilled chicken. Skillfully prepared and grilled flawlessly, the chicken sets in a soft pita. It is then put with a refreshing mixture of fresh lettuce and succulent tomato slices. Besides being a dish, the Fino Pitta with Grilled Chicken shows that a lighter choice can be a culinary pleasure. Catalana Chicken Burger: Mixed with Spanish innovation, the Catalana Chicken Burger guarantees an extraordinary culinary experience. A flame grilled chicken patty is enfolding with chorizo, roasted peppers, aioli, and liquefied cheddar, all embraced by a delicate sesame seed bun. Sunset Burger: Nando's Sunset Burger unites two juicy flame grilled Peri-Peri chicken thighs, melted cheddar cheese and smoky red pepper chutney with lettuce in a soft sesame seed bun that is loved by people since its first launch. The Sunset Burger will take your taste buds on an adventurous culinary journey. Flame-Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken: Peri-Peri sauce is the key to Nando’s legendary flame grilled Peri-Peri chicken. It is mixed with salt, garlic, lemon, onion, oil, and vinegar to make the distinctive sauce. Then, the chicken is marinated in it for 24 hours and served at Nando’s UK restaurants. Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken stands as the unchallenged dish among the contributions on the UK menu. The delicate grilled chicken, infused generously with Nando's special peri-peri marinade, has firmly established itself as a culinary sensation. It has garnered admiration from taste buds nationwide, cementing its status as a beloved favorite among Nando's fans. This dish is well-known for being popular all over the world. It is a reliable crowd pleaser because it has a delicious combination of savory, spicy, and tangy flavors that work well together. Nando’s Chicken Caesar Wrap: In Nando's culinary world, the Chicken Caesar Wrap is revered as a culinary work of art. It showcases a superb combination of flavors and textures that have delighted the discerning palates of many. The Chicken Caesar Wrap at Nando's is downright a delight for the taste buds. This culinary creation embodies a harmonious blend of flavors and textures in every bite, pleasing both the eyes and the palate. It's an outstanding blend of grilled chicken, fresh lettuce, crunchy baguettes, and a smooth Caesar dressing, all beautifully wrapped by a delicate tortilla. The Chicken Caesar Wrap at Nando’s is an irresistible choice for those looking for a culinary adventure that contains tempting flavors.


Nando's recognizes the significance of a customized dining experience, offering a variety of customization choices to guarantee the taste that suits you. You can choose your spice levels from mild to extra hot. Customers can also select the portion sizes that match their hunger level. Also, different sides and sauces are available at Nando’s menu UK to make your meal a wonderful one. Nando's also takes care of different dietary requirements, by offering vegetarian and gluten-free choices. By fulfilling these customization options, you have the adaptability to fit your Nando's food orders to match your preferences, dietary needs, and cravings.

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